Technology Management Coaching Program

Transformative technology management coaching program, designed to elevate tech leaders from the realms of good to the exceptional.  Future-proof your skills, ensuring you not only keep pace but lead the charge.

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, technology plays a crucial role in business success. However, managing technology can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially for busy executives and entrepreneurs. I will work with you to optimize your technology investments, streamline your technology infrastructure, and unlock your business potential.

Coaching Areas of Focus

Unleash your potential to innovate with confidence, mastering the art of decision-making that melds analytical prowess with intuitive insight.

Technology Strategy

Develop a comprehensive technology strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Technology Investments

Evaluate and prioritize technology investments to ensure they are aligned with your business strategy and providing a strong ROI.

Leadership Development

Enhance your technology leadership skills, strategic thinking, and decision-making capabilities.

Technology Infrastructure

Assess and optimize your technology infrastructure to ensure it is scalable, secure, and efficient.

Cloud Computing

Evaluate and implement cloud computing solutions that align with your business needs and provide cost savings and scalability.

Communication Skills

Improve your communication with non-technical stakeholders, translating complex technical concepts into business value.

"Your ability to envision a larger perspective above and beyond the strictly technical one has been extremely valuable to our organization, and has raised the visibility of our department by helping our internal business colleagues and clients gain a better understanding of the larger objective and increasing significance of IT."

Coaching Options

I will work with you to develop a comprehensive technology strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives, and provides a strong ROI.

"Pick My brain" Session


  • One hour in total, may be split into two calls
  • “Pick my brain” on a particular project or topic that you need to resolve
  • May be taped
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3 Month Plan


  • 90 minute initial call
  • 6 coaching calls (60 minute call every 2 weeks)
  • Personal access to me during that tenure by email, Zoom, and/or phone
  • All sessions can be taped
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6 Month Plan


  • One-on-one weekly calls for six months, 30-40 minutes per call
  • Unrestricted access to me during the tenure by email, Zoom, and/or phone
  • Includes specific assignments against major goals (e.g., write a book, enter larger markets, create passive income materials. etc.)
  • All sessions can be taped
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